Everyone, at some point in their life, experiences the profound sense of grief that naturally accompanies the death of a loved one. And often times this primary loss is accompanied by one or more secondary losses that exacerbate and accentuate our already intense grief: loss of companionship,  loss of hopes and dreams for the future, the loss of financial and emotional support, and even the loss of our identity as caregiver, grandparent, husband, wife, mother, or father.

In order to prevent getting “stuck” in our grief, it can be tremendously helpful to talk with a professional grief counselor — someone with the capacity to be present with the complex amalgamation of difficult, and sometimes overwhelming, emotions. As a full-time professional grief counselor, I have received extensive training in the art of grief therapy, and I have helped many individuals navigate their unique grief journeys in ways that help them move through their grief process gracefully.

Loss comes in many forms, and I help clients deal with the difficult and sensitive situations surrounding loss, such as the:

Death of a family member, friend, or significant other

Death of a pet

Ending of a marriage or other relationship

Significant change of role within the family system

Please call for a free consultation to see if I can accompany you as you navigate your grief journey.