Children are often the unfortunate victims of disruptive and traumatic life events that can have a significant negative impact on their well-being, including:


Emotional abuse and neglect

Death of a loved one

Sexual abuse



Play therapy serves as an outlet for children to explore these deeply disturbing experiences and process the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that accompany them using their natural language: play. When children are able to express themselves openly in an environment of safety and security, with the supportive presence and gentle guidance of a play therapist, they can learn to move through these experiences with a greater sense of confidence, grace, and personal empowerment, setting the stage for healthier emotional development into adolescence and adulthood.

I use child-centered play therapy with children ages 5-10 to help accomplish these goals. I also work with parents to teach them the skills they can use with their child to ensure the therapeutic benefits experienced in the play room extend into the home and school environments. Finally, I also work with pre-teens and adolescents, using more traditional talk therapy and incorporating the expressive arts, when appropriate.

If you are considering therapy for your child, pre-teen, or adolescent, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your unique needs.