Relationship Counseling in Miami

Relationships can bring so much joy, and yet also cause so much pain and frustration. And while everyone struggles with relationships at some point in their life, some of us seem to struggle more than others. Why do some people seem to develop healthy relationships so effortlessly, while others do not? 

Sadly, we keep finding ourselves in similar situations, engaged with people who don’t appreciate, respect, or value us the way they ought to.

Does this ring a bell?

Do you keep repeating a pattern of unhealthy relationships in which your needs are continually neglected, and do you find yourself drawn to narcissistic people, over and over again?

Do you have strong feelings of abandonment that persist over time and seem to take on the emotions of others?

Do you have persistent feelings of inadequacy and guilt or resort to drugs, alcohol, pornography, and other behavior out of habit or compulsion?

These behaviors are red flags that may indicate unhealthy patterns of relationship which, if left unaddressed, will continue to cause you pain. But you’ve suffered so much already, and underneath all this suffering, intuitively you know you deserve so much better.

Now is the time to address these problems and resolve them, once and for all.

How to End the Suffering with Relationship Counseling

The good news is that with the help of a therapist, newer, healthier relational patterns can replace old, unhealthy ones. In-depth therapy helps us get to the source of these problems so that we are addressing root causes and not surface-level symptoms. With time and effort, we can begin to feel differently about ourselves, which leads to better choices about who we engage in relationships with and who we do not.

  • You are not doomed to repeat old patterns. 
  • You can change.
  • You deserve better. 

Get Help from a Relationship Therapist in Miami

Having a skilled therapist who really understands you, and with whom you can talk about your unique forms of suffering, is the first step toward healing. If you’ve found yourself wanting to explore your own relationship history in a safe and confidential environment, reach out to schedule a free consultation to discuss how in-depth relationship therapy may benefit you.

Tom Adams offers relationship counseling in Miami via online therapy. Get started today. 

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