Relationship Counseling in Charleston

Relationships can be challenging. Everyone experiences problems in their personal, professional, romantic, and familial relationships at some point in their life. 

But why do some of us seem to struggle with relationships more than others? Why do some people seem to cultivate healthy relationships with ease, while others, not so much? Sadly, we keep finding ourselves in the same old situation of having to navigate difficult relationships with people who don’t appreciate, respect, or value us the way they should.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself repeating a pattern of unhealthy relationships in which your needs always take a back seat, and do you seem to attract narcissistic people into your life?

Do you experience feelings of abandonment that persist over time and tend to take on the emotions of others?

Do you have overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and guilt or resort to drugs, alcohol, pornography or other activities to distract yourself from the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that creep in?

All these behaviors are symptomatic of unhealthy relational patterns that will only lead to continued suffering if not confronted and addressed. You’ve suffered so much already, and deep down, you know you deserve better. 

Now is the time to address these problems and resolve them, once and for all.

Resolving Problems with Relationship Therapy

The good news is that with some time and effort you can resolve these problems with the help of therapy, and newer, healthier relational patterns can replace old, unhealthy ones. In-depth therapy helps us understand our behavior, not only intellectually, but emotionally as well. We learn to feel differently about ourselves, which enables us to make different choices in the future that are more aligned with our own health and happiness.

Although these problems are complex and require some time to resolve, you are not doomed to repeat old patterns. You can change. You deserve better. 

Reach Out for Help with Relationship Counseling in Charleston

Having a safe, confidential, and mutually respectful environment in which to talk about your suffering and how it uniquely shows up for you is the first step toward healing. If you have a pattern of unhealthy, unhappy relationships, reach out to schedule a free consultation to discuss how in-depth relationship therapy may benefit you.

Tom Adams offers relationship counseling in Charleston via online therapy. Get started today. 

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