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A Light in the Forest of Grief

By Marie Langlois, LPC This is the precious time of year for grievers; daylight savings’ time seems like a gift after the darkness of winter.  Light translates into hope, and hope is what some grievers need to keep moving along the journey. grief is a journey not a destination; the

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Therapy: Tending to Your Emotional Garden

This weekend I spent the majority of my free time in my garden. I find gardening to be incredibly grounding and meditative, even though not all gardening tasks seem particularly enjoyable. I’m talking about weeding, of course. After spending multiple hours pulling weeds, I began to realize that weeding is

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The Messy Art of Relationships (part 3)

As mentioned in the previous blog, taking a pause from dating can provide some necessary space for introspection and self-examination, which is necessary for looking at our relationship patterns honestly. Being in a relationship clouds our objectivity and makes it more difficult to see those patterns. Meditation Another helpful practice

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The Messy Art of Relationships (Part 2)

So why do so many people struggle with romantic and interpersonal relationships? Unsuccessful relationships are often rooted in unhealthy emotional and behavioral patterns that are established early in life, which get carried over into adulthood. But what can we do to change these patterns? One thing we can do is

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The Messy Art of Relationships (Part 1)

No topic has been more discussed, written about, and analyzed than the art of human relationships; the Barnes and Noble bookshelves and the Amazon warehouses are filled with books on relationships written by self-help authors, psychologists, life coaches, and counselors, and Hollywood has thrived on exploring relationship themes in the

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